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The Strength of Being Clean

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What is it: An owners manual to the human soul/A primer of traditional American values
Examples of axioms and aphorisms in book:
"To breathe the aroma of love, in pure selfishness, without an atom of altruistic responsibility is the motive of flirtation. To touch a woman's hand in wantonness may be to poison her life and yours. The strongest forces in human life are not subjects for idle play. The real heart and soul of a man are measured by the truth he show to woman. A man's ideal of womanhood is fixed by the woman he seeks. By a man's ideal of womanhood we may know the degree of his manhood."
"In the quest for happiness, effectiveness rather than pleasure must be the real object of pursuit."
"Any fool may be innocent. It takes a wise man to be virtuous."
"The basis of intemperance is the effort to secure through drugs the feeling of happiness when happiness does not exist. Men destroy their nervous systems for the tingling pleasures they feel as its structures are torn apart."
Who wrote it: David Starr Jordan, founding president of Stanford University

Why and When was it written: Up until 1900, the most important course in the college curriculum was moral philosophy, taught usually by the college president and required of all senior students. Dr. Jordan's book, published in 1900, represents the finest of that tradition.

Summary of message: There are basic laws which govern the pursuit of happiness. It does not matter whether or not there is a religious connotation of "sin" or social taboo related to these laws. Breaking these laws brings misery and weakness, obeying them brings the possibility and capacity for happiness and the strength to achieve it.

Application today: "My message is an old one. If by some chance part of it is true, this truth is as old as life itself. And if it is true, it is a message that needs to be repeated many times to each generation of men." David Starr Jordan

How do I use it: Click, download, read, ponder, implement, enjoy, share. If fully loaded, provides the opportunity for optimal use of "user based" software and hardware.

Personal note from sender: Even if you do not choose to share this note with others, I hope that you personally benefit from the practical advise it contains. I am a Leukemia (AML) survivor. In 2005, following extensive chemotherapy, I received a life saving, bone marrow transplant of stem cells from my sister. Sharing this book is part of my recovery process. It is my opportunity to give back to others something in return for all that I am receiving.